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East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979
Message Board Archive: 2006

This page was last modified on 1 January 2009.

Please note: This Message Board is to be used solely for the purpose of sharing information for or about members of East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979, including their teachers and other East Forsyth staff members. Anyone with news about a Class of '79 member is welcome to post here. Any abuse or misuse of this board will not be tolerated. Submit news using the Message Board Form. The entries on this page are for the indicated year; entries for other years can be viewed in the Message Board Archive.

Mark McCall offers an update   (13 November 2006)
Horace Cutter completes Masters of Divinity   (6 June 2006)
David Grogan dies on 2 April 2006   (2 April 2006)
New Year's greetings from the Class Webmaster   (1 January 2006)

Mark McCall offers an update
My wife Mary passed away last year. I recently graduated from Bernelli University International Graduate School in Drena Castle in Italy with a PhD in Educational Leadership.
Mark Douglas McCall on Monday, 13 November 2006, 15:39:41 EST)

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Horace Cutter completes Masters of Divinity
I am happy to say that I have graduated from Reformed Theological Seminary Charlotte with a Masters of Divinity Diploma. I am very happy to have achieved this academic goal.
Horace Elliot Cutter on Tuesday, 6 June 2006, 00:19:27 EDT)

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David Grogan dies on 2 April 2006
David Grogan passed away last night at home from lung cancer. He will be deeply missed by all. Please remember his lovely family in your prayers.
Sara Ellen Yokley Taylor on Sunday, 2 April 2006, 22:34:19 EDT)

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New Year's greetings from the Class Webmaster
Happy New Year 2006, classmates! Well, I reckon I should first apologize for not keeping the class web site updated over the past five months. I plead returning to school; simultaneously working and going to school doesn't leave much time for anything else. As my course load will be heavier in the coming semester, you may see a repeated lapse in updates, but keep submitting them all the same as I will eventually get to them. Also, you probably shouldn't expect a new issue of the class newsletter anytime soon. Even so, please check the site regularly as I may surprise all of us! At any rate, my best to everyone for 2006!
Matt Wallace on Sunday, 1 January 2006, 13:51:00 EST)

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