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East Forsyth Senior High School Class of 1979
25 Year Reunion Committee Report #1

This page was last modified on 11 December 2004.

Meeting Information
Agenda/Discussion Topics
  To-do List

Meeting Information

The reunion committee held its first meeting on Thursday, November 20, 2003, 6-8 p.m. at First Christian Church, 1130 N. Main St., Kernersville, NC. The primary purpose of the meeting was the generation of ideas concerning the various aspects of the reunion. Committee members in attendance were Mike Beshears, Jeff Leonard, Lisa Lewis Porter, Terry Putnam, and Matt Wallace. Absent committee members were Lisa Sears Spoon and Lisa Angell Gibson.

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Agenda/Discussion Topics

Below we share our decisions concerning the reunion and our thought processes that led to them.

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After the bills were settled for the 20 year reunion in 1999, the reunion committee retained a balance of $767.44. These funds are held in a non-profit account with Wachovia Bank. Government regulations require this account be non-interest bearing which is of no great concern given both the current low interest rates and the tax-free advantage of the account. Prior to the beginning of the meeting, Terry Putnam bought a T-shirt which added $12 to our funds. As of this report, there is $779.44 in the account. In other words, we're basically broke!

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This is a special reunion, our Silver Reunion, 25 years since we were together as a class. The reunion committee wants to make this reunion a very special experience for our classmates. Properly preparing and providing you the ultimate experience will require your support as early as possible. Many reunion-related expenses require deposits and even prepayment. By subscribing early, you will provide us with the funds we need to secure the best venue and amenities. Also, the earlier you commit to the reunion, the more accurately we will be able to gauge our requirements for consumables. Caterers must have confirmation of the expected number of people in order to ensure sufficient food. We probably can't increase our headcount by say 25 or 50 at the last minute, and even if we could, we would pay a premium for it. In order to encourage early payment, we are adopting the tiered pricing structure below. We are counting on your early participation to make our reunion most successful.

$50/person, $80/couple (from now to June 30, 2004)
$60/person, $90/couple (from July 1 to August 31, 2004)
$75/person, $100/couple (from September 1 to September 25, 2004)

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In feedback from our previous reunions, you would feel more comfortable having the reunion at a hotel where you may also make reservations for the night, especially after an evening of "heavy socializing." Even as responsible as we are, our friendly local law enforcement officers might find reason to disagree! Another concern is the lack of areas for quiet conversation and socializing with fellow classmates without the interference of loud music from a dance floor. Given the size of our class and adding our guests, we will require a large venue to accommodate the large crowd that we are expecting (400, 500, more!? Don't let us down!) Also, we need close proximity to Kernersville/East Forsyth campus so that we may tie in other activities such as a football game, fund-raisers, and/or other special events. And of course, we want a very nice place for such a special event as our Silver Reunion! All things considered, we've decided the ideal location for our reunion is the Adam's Mark Hotel in Winston-Salem. And one final reason is that Adam's Mark can provide many of the required services, such as room set up and tear down, catering, and entertainment, thus sparing the reunion committee such mundane tasks so that we too can enjoy the party!

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As you may have gathered above in the pricing schedule, we have pretty much settled on September 25, 2004 as the date for our reunion. There's nothing magical about that date. The vacation season has ended, school and football have started, and the early Fall weather is usually mild and pleasant. Hopefully, an ideal time for a football game and a 25 year reunion! As we proceed with our planning, we'll confirm the East Forsyth 2004 schedule and make any necessary adjustments. It would be nice to be able to tie into another fund-raising event as we did for the 20 year reunion. We hope to confirm all this as soon as possible.

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The reunion committee spent the bulk of our time "brainstorming," just tossing out ideas without prejudging them. We just wanted to do a "brain dump" in order to precipitate suggestions for our event. After we collected all the ideas, we grouped them into some logical categories to provide some focused attention on each with a view to having someone coordinate each area and to recruit volunteers who could offer their help. Here are the ideas we developed listed under their categories:

  * name tags
  * check-in at door
  * parking info
  * money collection
  * checks/money orders prior to event
  * set up P.O. Box for correspondence and incoming registration fees
  * hotel information (provide information regarding other hotels in the area in case folks wanted to stay somewhere other than the Adam's Mark)
  * limo/cab service (in case it's necessary!)

Committee Meetings
  * how often?
  * publish the minutes via the website for folks to respond if they care to
  * publish the agenda as well
  * Jeff Leonard said he'd bring the snacks and drinks each time!!! (FREE FOOD!)

  * Jeff Leonard - begin to check with his vendor contacts for donations or sponsorships
  * East Forsyth memorabilia
  * Refrigerator magnets w/ web site address
  * T-shirts or hats
  * memory book/class directory

  * 70's music; music in general
  * dancing
  * socializing
  * DJ might be better than a band

  * come up with a theme

Dress Code
  * everyone seems to like "come as you are"; dress up if you like or simply dress to your comfort, just dress in something! (Now, as in the '70s, streaking will get you arrested!)

Consumables/Food & Beverage
  * adult beverages
  * assorted food
  * heavy grazing

  * advertise
  * WS/FCS Cable Channel 2 announcements
  * provide info about Adam's Mark
  * provide info about other hotels in the area

  * option extra activities either on Friday evening and/or Saturday afternoon
  * associated with a football game

Activities at the Event
  * charitable donations
  * memoriam (for our Absent Friends)
  * slide show
  * announcements
  * door prizes
  * silent auction
  * awards

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To-do List

  1. Make fee decision quickly
  2. Smoking policy in the hotel?
  3. Hotel discounts for rooms if we get a block reserved
  4. Set up P.O. Box
  5. Schedule next meeting
  6. Book the Adam's Mark

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Finally, this is y'all's reunion! Feel free to send comments and suggestions to the Reunion Committee.

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This report was prepared by Mike Beshears (Reunion Committee Chairman) and Matt Wallace (Class Webmaster).

Contact the class webmaster, Matt Wallace, at efshs1979@yahoo.com.

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